May Yee, that’s why we choose you because you always see it from the customer’s point of view.

Well done! Thank You for looking out for our students.
— Lecturer
Many many thanks and greatly happy to work with you.
— Lecturer
Thank you very much for the assistance rendered to our students involved in a fire at an apartment in Shanghai. Your prompt response helped to ease the anxieties of the students and their parents.
— Chief Financial Officer
With regard to the fire incident in Shanghai, I would like to express my appreciation to you for connecting me to Ms Loh when I first contacted you for assistance.

Ms Loh has been very active in helping to push (insurer) to expedite the settlements of claims demanded by the landlord and owners of other affected units so that the students could return home as scheduled. I cannot imagine how long the students would need to stay behind had not for the good work rendered by Ms Loh and the Loss Adjuster in Shanghai.
— Mr SH Chen
May Yee, must say that you have been a GREAT help in resolving this case for (school). We are indeed grateful to you.
— Student Services Office
I underwent a successful surgery and am doing quite well now! I’d like to express my gratitude to MYCG and (insurer) for all it’s done for me.
— Wasi Mesbahuddin
Hi May Yee,

Thank you for your assistance last week with regards to purchasing the travel insurance, even though I had only an hour to spare.

It would’ve been easy to just say that my request to purchase a travel insurance plan within an hour is not possible, but you took the effort to rush the processing to get the policy out for me for my VISA application I really appreciate your understanding about my urgency.

I have managed to apply for my VISA successfully and it wouldn’t have been possible to do so without your kind assistance.
— Sherman Ho
Thank you for the expedition on the above mentioned claim. Once again would you kindly let Ms May Yee know that I am also grateful to her for all the help she had rendered. I am impressed with her service. Keep it up May Yee and thank you both.
— Hazel Goh
Thanks Sam for your very efficient workaround.
— Ivy Ho
Dear Xin Yi, May Yee

I acknowledge this email. I am delighted and truly appreciative for all the kind help and assistance through this process of claim.

Thank you once again.
— Phebe Zheng
Thanks May Yee, for looking into our request on an urgent basis. Much appreciated!
— Deputy Director
Noted with thanks and greatly appreciate your prompt action.
— Lecturer
Thanks so much for the prompt and regular updates.
— Deputy Director
Xin Yi, thanks once again for your prompt follow up.
— Tina Chua
I really appreciate your help and support for us!
— Song Tai Rim
Thank you for all your help in resolving this issue. It has lifted a great weight off my shoulders and mind. THANK YOU
— Evan Bellance
Thanks so very much for your super prompt reply I really appreciate your helpfulness :)
— Shreya Kamath
Thank you very much for the efficient and expedient manner my claim was processed from the first day I contacted your office.
— Harini Baptist
Thank you for your reply, and I really appreciate the prompt replies and good service!
— Wee Qixun
Thank you so much. That was very promptly handled without much hassle. I appreciate it big time. I’ll definitely recommend you folks to my friends.
— Akram Yacob
Thank you for your efforts! I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the efficiency! :)
— Ewen Tjeong
Thank you for the quick processing. I’ve received the money in my bank account. Look forward to using the service in future :).
— Luong Quyet Thang
... your work is really fast and supportive and it is really helpful. I really appreciate your effort which is life saving.
— Kianoosh Marandi
Great! Thank you Xin Yi for acknowledging my claims documents promptly.
— Ruth Lee
Thank you very much for your prompt reply….
— Irene Phua
I would like to thank you for support and care.
— Aleksander Michal Gora