For a summary of the coverage, please download the Travel Fact Sheet.

Coverage is subject to AXA's policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the Policy Wording.

Please download the Travel Certificate for the Policy Number and 24-Hour Hotline Number.

To apply for proof of insurance for visa application, please

  1. Complete the "Apply for Proof of Insurance" online form and

  2. Email the Official SIT Student Status Letter stating to

We will forward the document to you within 5 working days after verification with SIT.

The maximum duration covered per trip is 365 consecutive days (inclusive of personal deviation immediately before and/or after an Official SIT Student Trip, up to a maximum 31 cumulative days). Any personal travel during the Official SIT Student Trip period will not form part of the 31 days allowed for personal deviation.

You can opt to extend to cover Personal Deviation beyond 31 cumulative days. The premium payable is $20 for every 10 additional days or part thereof.

To extend:

  1. Complete the "Apply for Proof of Insurance" online form

  2. Complete the “Extend Personal Deviation” online form

  3. Transfer the additional premium to AXA’s bank:

    Accountholder : AXA Insurance Pte Ltd
    Bank : OCBC
    Account No. : 610-526220-001

  4. Email to a screenshot/ receipt of the payment.

No refund of premium will be allowed once the Personal Deviation extension has been paid.

If you need to make a claim, please download  the Claim Procedure & Form. It is important to read through the Document Checklist to be aware of the documents required in event of a loss. Some documents must be obtained within 24 hours of loss while overseas.